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In March of 2007,  Dina Perkins – a born again believer since May 10, 1979 –  lay on her death bed.  At 55, she had suffered a massive accidental prescription drug overdose.  It was 100% preventable, had her doctor been there to truly help her rather than to earn the big bucks.  She suffered greatly and nearly died -for no other reason than because she was  following the precise orders of her doctor in order to control the chronic pain she had that was the result of several spinal and head injuries.  Dina is a nurse and discussed with her doctor, the probability that she was addicted.  The physician laughed that day, and told her there was no possibility of addiction.  He furthered told her that her quality of life would suffer beyond repair unless she took the medications he gave her.

By the time she had been admitted to the hospital,  the drugs she was taking, had been fighting to take stop her breathing… her heart… and her life (Hydrocodone, Morphine, Fentanyl tablets, Fentanyl patches, Oxycontin, Codeine, Ativan, Trazadone, Methadone, Soma, Darvocet, Percocet, Oxycontin, Paxil, and Klonopin).  ALL of these drugs were prescribed to her by the doctor she thought she could trust – and that doctor REFUSED to HEAR her. A lot was lost throughout those dark years of addiction... especially credibility which took time to regain.  In this day and age of greed, where you are brainwashed into believing addiction is a disease, time had to pass in order to show everyone that God heals and man steals.

During a series of events that happened before, during and after Dina’s near death, she learned just what true Salvation meant, and how to walk a walk with Jesus that will ultimately take her to her home in heaven.  Few understand the breath and depth of Jesus' Words that tell us "few there be that find it". When you're in an addiction or any other sin in an ongoing basis, you won't make it to Heaven. The fact remains that because your doctor was your drug dealer, it doesn't make it any less of an addiction to God. Sin is sin and you need to rid yourself of it.

Dina’s story needs to be told and heard by everyone… especially Christians.  There are too many believers being insidiously deceived by the devil through the use and abuse of physician prescribed prescription drugs.  All too many people, by ‘obeying’ their doctor rather than obeying God,  are going to hell and need to be turned around.

Why Does Get This Message Out?

​A very important factor is education and awareness for the unsuspecting victims and their loved ones. Dina’s husband, Bill, was at a loss to help her because he just didn’t know about Rx Drug Addiction and it’s lethal effects.  As most do, Bill trusted Dina’s doctor when he never should have. Spouses and other loved ones need to know what to do and how to recognize this type of addiction problem. Rx Drug Addiction is different in the sense of accountability.  It's an 'accidental' addiction for the most part. Patients trust their doctors when they shouldn't.  Doctors are not God and they like to earn the big bucks. Rx Drug Addiction is big bucks these days.

You need to pay close attention to what Dina has to say about what she’s learned.  Lives are at risk.  Every 19 minutes someone here in the US, dies of an accidental prescription drug overdose… an overdose caused by the doctor they trusted.  This is a subject that very few will take the risk to talk about; however, Dina donates her time to  talking about it. Her life has been threatened because of this; however, she continues.

This is a WARNING to everyone… especially to God’s people who are being held captive by the enemy through dangerous addictive prescription drugs. Our message is urgent and must be spoken.  In 19 minutes from now, another victim of a greedy doctor will have died.

Dina's life was miraculously spared by our Living God to help YOU! She gives of her time freely to  help anyone who is struggling with Rx Drug Addiction. Dina and her husband,  Bill, are also available for speaking engagements in Northwest Montana.

Tick! Tock!

Another 19 minutes have past and another innocent victim has just lost their life because of the unscrupulous and egregious acts of a greedy doctor.